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A truly seamless payment experience that speeds up business & makes it easy for you to get paid.

Payments done better.

Focused, effective, and (oh) so easy.

  • Secure All transactions are protected by the latest encryption and security technology. We’re also PCI compliant because we don’t mess around when it comes to your revenue.
  • Instant Time is money, so why not save both? Get paid as soon as your techs finish a job—no delays.
  • Simple Requesting and receiving payment should be easy. Our all-in-one payment solutions are intuitive for your customers and technicians.

What electricians are saying about us.

Electricians love us because their customers love them.

  • “We’ve had nothing but record-breaking revenue months.”
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    Erika Schneider A-Temp Heating, Cooling & Electrical
  • “You consolidate so many vendors into one, it’s incredible. I get to deal with one point of contact for, leads, web design, you name it. It’s all a part of your package. You’re really a one-stop shop that makes life easier for us.”
    Authority Brands logo
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    Yona Smith Authority Brands
  • “I LOVE this product -- it’s brilliant! I get to take my mind off marketing…and put my energies into other things. OUTRAGEOUSLY WONDERFUL!”
    Delta Commercial Roofing logo
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    Mark Webb Delta Commercial Roofing
  • “We’re making more money now with less people. And my people are much happier now going to a job where they’re working.”
    Winters Home Service logo
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    Tim Flynn Winters Home Service
  • “With my online dashboard, my marketing data is compiled in a way that’s easy to understand and readily available at my fingertips, the information is easy to find. Now there’s no question about how my marketing is impacting my business.”
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    Scott Reisack EZ Flow Plumbing

Get more value from your business.

Electricians.AI gives you the tools to run all aspects of your business - efficiently.

The Marketing Suite

All of your online marketing.
Automated and in one place.

Your website, social media, advertising, rankings, and email campaigns are not only organized and integrated so they work together seamlessly, but they’re in a system backed by machine learning and built by industry experts so its performance is like no other. Keep your techs busy with the jobs they want. Spend more (or less) when it makes sense. Add value to your electrical business.

Never miss a business
growth opportunity again.

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The Communications Suite

Keep track of every call, email,
and text in one place.

Spend your time developing important customer relationships, not digging through emails and texts. Our Communication Suite consolidates your customers’ every website visit, phone call, chat, text, or email into a single real-time Activity Feed. Respond by text or email, based on how they last reached out to you. And do it all from your phone or on your computer, whichever you prefer.

Nurture valuable client relationships with ease.

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The Operations Suite

Easily manage every job
& tech from your phone or computer.

Think of how easy it would be if everything you needed to manage your business was in one place, accessible whenever you needed it. Jobs, technician schedules, customer information and communication, payments, and more. Now imagine if it were built just for electrical companies like yours. That’s what you get with the Electricians.AI operations suite.

Streamline operations with less effort.

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The Reputation Suite

Automate your review
management process.

Generate frequent positive reviews, measure your reputation against any competitor’s, and respond to reviews across each of your business accounts—all from your phone. The Reputation Suite gives you the power to gather all your reviews into one place for easy replies while minimizing the impact of poor ratings, and growing your reputation the right way.

Make your online reputation bulletproof.

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The Payments Suite

Request payments and track
cashflow with a single tool.

Track all your outstanding payment requests, received payments, and total payouts with the Scorpion Payments Suite. Our tool allows you to send trackable payment requests by text or email, automate payment requests, and create revenue reports with just a few clicks.

Account for every
dollar within seconds.

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The smart way for electricians to get paid.

  • Automate invoices to bills.
  • Manage payment requests.
  • Generate field payments.
  • View financial reports.
  • All in one place.

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