Pay for performance, and nothing more.

We’re serious, here’s how it works.

Pay when
you succeed, or don’t pay at all.

Only pay when you’re winning. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Electricians.AI was built to grow with your business. That’s why our prices are tied to your success. We have zero interest in taking your money if you’re not growing your best electrical business.

It’s never been this easy.

Just pay $25 for each verified new contact.

0 leads = $0
10 leads = $25 each
40 leads = $25 each

The best part is, any lead over 40 is free!

No monthly charge, no subscription, no risk, no worries.

There’s only one question that matters. Are you getting contacts?

Your business’ operating system isn’t for getting your ducks in a row. Your operating system should help generate new customers, offer better service, and grow your business. Our pricing is designed to support that.

Have questions? Don't worry, there aren’t any gotchas.

We kept our pricing model simple and transparent.

  • What is a contact?

    A valid contact is any person who reaches out to contact your business. Because our system engages both previous customers and future customers, we only charge when a person reaches out to your business.

    Are there limitations on a contact for it to be valid?

    Yes. We only accept unique contacts that have not reached out to you in the last 180 days. The free trial lets us determine who the active customers are so that we don’t count them. After the free trial, where you pay nothing, we’ll look up each lead to determine if we have a record of them. If they have called or emailed in the last 180 days, we don’t count it as a contact.

    What about robo-dialers?

    Robo-dialers will not be counted as contacts. In fact, our system automatically removes robo-dialers and doesn’t let them through at all.

    What about pure spammers?

    Spammers will be removed and banned without a charge. Anyone marked as spam will no longer be able to reach you again and will be removed from the system.

    What if someone accidentally called our number?

    Our system will only pass through contacts who have confirmed they need your service. This filters out accidental calls automatically.

    What if someone accidentally called our number and hung up right after they selected that they needed service?

    Our system requires the call to be connected and last at least 30 seconds for it to count as a contact.

    What if the contact was still spam — is there any way for me to dispute it?

    Yes! On top of everything else, if you want to ban a contact from ever reaching you again due to being spam or junk, we allow you to dispute the contact in the Platform. We operate given mutual trust, but we’ll reserve the right to change how easy this is if the system is abused. Each dispute is reviewed before it is approved.

  • What is a cap?

    We want you to get as many leads as possible, but we also don’t want to charge you just because you are having a phenomenal month. To protect you from wild charges due to too many contacts, we put a cap on how many contacts we’ll charge for.

    The cap for our Essentials product is set at a maximum 40 contacts per month. Even if you get 100 contacts, you’ll only get charged for 40.

  • What if I want more leads?

    Everything we offer is based on performance. If you want to get even more new customers, you can add a ranking package. The ranking packages available will have our team get to work to get you more customers. We’ll do all the work each month to keep pushing more customers to your site. Because the price is based on performance, you don’t have to pay for the additional work. Instead, we’ll raise the cap to a higher level.

    Can you give me an example?

    Absolutely. Let’s say you were averaging 40 contacts from us each month, but wanted to get to 60. You can turn on the first available ranking package and we’ll work to get you to 60. If you get 41 contacts in the first month, you only pay for 1 additional contact. If you get 80 contacts per month, you only pay for your new cap of 60. We’ll keep doing the work. If you want to get more, you can upgrade to the next level and the next cap.

    Can I move down after you get me to the next level?

    When you move your cap up, it’s a permanent bet on your future success. Because we allocate people, resources, and money to help you get more contacts (and assume the risk), the cap can only move up.

  • What if I want even more leads?

    Integrated into your system is the ability to turn on advertising. Advertising leads are tracked and reported on as advertising leads. You can set any advertising budget you want and get leads from advertising. For this, you set the budget, and we’ll manage and run your advertising on the different providers to get you leads.

    Do advertising leads count towards my cap?

    No. Advertising leads are separate and require a separate budget. We don’t count leads from advertising as leads that we drove for you.

  • How many users are included in my package?

    You can have up to 10 users in the system. For every additional user, we’ll increase your cap by $100.

  • How much does it cost to post jobs via the Platform?

    Posting jobs on your website, syncing to social media, managing applicants, and advertising to generate new candidates is a simple add on. It’s $199 per month for the system to get installed on your website and in your Platform. For each job you want to promote on paid channels, simply add a budget and how long you want to run the promotion for. We advise always having a few job openings available to collect resumes.

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