Financial Transaction Dashboard

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Your transactions dashboard provides you with the information and reporting you need to manage your business’ financial health.

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Our Financial Transaction Dashboard gives you an in-depth view of your customers, revenue, and growth over time. 

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Our Financial Transaction Dashboard is everything you need to know about your revenue.

  • Outstanding Balance

    See your cashflow bottlenecks.

    The Outstanding Balance view uses the unique, trackable payment links generated by Scorpion Pay to provide a list of customers and outstanding balances.

  • Card Revenue Trends

    See your growth in clear terms.

    Look at how your revenue is changing from day to day, week to week, month to month, and more. Get a 10,000-foot view of how your business is developing over time.

  • Quick Reports

    Manage your financial records.

    The Financial Transaction Dashboard lets you export reports of whatever data you need—from revenue growth to outstanding balances to (soon) refunds—all within seconds.

  • Easy reporting Every financial report you could ever need is just a few clicks away. Report on revenue month-over-month or highlight cashflow improvements—all from a single dashboard.
  • Streamlined finances Make it easy to track where money is coming from and flowing to in a simple but powerful financial dashboard. Every financial view in the suite is just a couple of clicks away.
  • Stronger revenue Having a view of your company’s financial trends helps you spot opportunities for growth based on real financial data, equipping you to make better decisions.

We solved financial reporting for electricians.

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Financial Transaction Dashboard

See all outstanding transactions, revenue trends, and payouts directly from a single dashboard. Get a big-picture view of your cash flow from the initial request to the final payment.

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