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Make it easier to pay (and get paid).

Our payment platform gives you a flexible way to request and receive payment by automating your invoices and requests.

Streamline your  payments for free.

Scorpion Pay provides automated payment requests, unique and trackable payment URLs for each job, and an easy-to-use mobile app.

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Make Every Day Pay Day

Our payments system offers incredible features while being efficient & easy to use.

  • Flexible Payment Requests

    Take payment requests off your to-dos.

    Immediately email, text, or message payment links upon the completion of every job. Send payment links in whatever way your customer prefers.

  • Unique Payment Links

    Trackable payment links for every job.

    Generate payment links that get tracked in your Financial Transaction Dashboard. Each payment request link is unique to each job and each customer.

  • Mobile Payment

    Take payment in person via tablet or phone.

    The Scorpion App allows your techs to take payments from customers via their phone or tablet, making payments convenient for you and the customer.

  • Easier tracking Unique and trackable links make it simple to stay on top of payments. Each customer’s Activity Feed will tell you when to send reminders or who last sent a payment request.
  • Clearer records

    With customer memos, tracking for outstanding payments, and revenue trends, you’ll have a better idea of your financial health as a company. All without digging through multiple files!

  • Better cashflow Your suite of tools is designed to make it easier for your customers to pay for service (and easier for you to collect payment), giving you more financial margin.

We solved payments for electricians.

Learn how to get more even more value & time back from your business.

Scorpion Pay

Take payments in person, generate payment request links on demand to send by text or email, or automate the payment request process entirely.

Financial Transaction Dashboard

See all outstanding transactions, revenue trends, and payouts directly from a single dashboard. Get a big-picture view of your cash flow from the initial request to the final payment.
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“We’ve had nothing but record-breaking revenue months.”
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