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Insights, Made Simple

Use in-house data to make vital decisions about your online reputation.

  • Staff View

    See which techs get shockingly great reviews.

    With automatic and manual tagging, our system associates reviews with the technicians who get mentioned or who completed those jobs. View reviews by staff member to see which techs provide the best experiences.

  • Competitor View

    See how you’re stacking up.

    Use Competitor View to compare your Google ratings to your leading competitors. Set targets for rating and review improvements based on the leaders in your market.

  • Trend View

    See how you’re improving over time.

    View how your online ratings average and review rates change over time. Watch your reputation improve, or discover opportunities for growth.

  • Exceptional techs Tagging and sorting reviews by technician lets you know who your all-star techs are!
  • Friendly competition Measuring yourself against competitors lets you know what it takes to get ahead and what targets to hit.
  • Stronger reputation Improvement begins with measurement. Review Insights lets you measure your reputation over time so you can put your effort where it’ll have the biggest impact.

We solved reputation for electricians.

Learn how to get more even more value & time back from your business.

Managing Reviews

Connect all your accounts to get your reviews all in one place, including Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Respond to each review directly from your dashboard, saving yourself time and effort.
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Request Reviews

Use your dashboard to manually request reviews, or automate a review request whenever a tech finishes a job or a customer pays an invoice. Effortlessly generate new, positive reviews.
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Review Insights

Assign reviews to staff, or let the system automatically tag reviews based on who they mention. You can also view your online rating average over time and compare it with competitors.

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