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  • Automated Requests

    Set it & forget it.

    Automate your system to ask for a review whenever a technician finishes a job or a customer pays the invoice in full.

  • Manual Requests

    Get reviews from your best customers.

    Manually request reviews from happy customers directly from the reputation management dashboard.

  • Automatic Tagging

    Reward techs for good service.

    Tag relevant staff automatically whenever someone sends in a review associated with a specific job.

  • Higher ratings Studies show that most people who fill out a review after being prompted leave a high rating. Automating requests means you’ll get more reviews and a higher average rating.
  • Bulletproof reputation Higher volumes of ratings makes your review average more solid and stable as time goes on. With a steady stream of reviews, you’ll develop an untouchable reputation.
  • Better experiences

    Automatically associating reviews with the techs who did each job means you’ll have a clear picture of how to improve your customers’ experiences.

We solved review requests for electricians.

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Managing Reviews

Connect all your accounts to get your reviews all in one place, including Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Respond to each review directly from your dashboard, saving yourself time and effort.
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Request Reviews

Use your dashboard to manually request reviews, or automate a review request whenever a tech finishes a job or a customer pays an invoice. Effortlessly generate new, positive reviews.

Review Insights

Assign reviews to staff, or let the system automatically tag reviews based on who they mention. You can also view your online rating average over time and compare it with competitors.
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