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It’s your own personal control panel, offering unmatched insight & control.

  • Helpful Widgets

    See & control everything.

    Your dashboard includes apps that focus on different parts of your electrical business. At a glance, see how every aspect of your company is performing. With one click, dive in deeper.

  • Tech Leaderboard

    Monitor team performance.

    Encourage some healthy competition and easily see how your technicians are doing out in the field with a leaderboard that displays your top performers and overall team accomplishments.

  • Reports & Trends

    We track it all.

    Our system stores an incredible amount of data. We surface the most important reports and trends on your dashboard, giving you insight and a clear roadmap to manage your electrical company.

  • Actionable insight With a dashboard that includes all relevant reports and trends, you’ll have actionable insights: data that can be turned directly into action. It’s also quick and effective, saving you time in the long run.
  • Better control When you can clearly see all key aspects of your electrical business in one place (leads, sales, revenue, tech performance, and more), you’ll run a tighter ship, get more done, and win.
  • Maximum results Better team performance, happier customers, higher revenue…these are just a few of the results when you have tools that actually work. Our dashboard puts them all at your fingertips.

We solved reporting for electricians.

Learn how to get more even more value & time back from your business.

Customer Management

Monitor and control every part of the customer journey with a system that’s designed just for electrical contractors. The entire road has been laid out for you, all you have to do is drive.

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Field Services App

When they’re out in the field, your techs need an app that lets them create estimates, accept payments, see upcoming jobs, and more. Our electrician field services app does this and so much more!
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Job Scheduling & Dispatch

Streamline dispatch and schedule jobs the smart way with a system that’s accessible from your phone or computer. We’ve developed dispatch technology that makes everything easier.
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It’s easy to create, send, and accept estimates for electrical jobs from the field or the office. Impress customers, book more jobs, and help your techs get started on the work faster than ever.
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Invoices & Accounting

Stop wasting your time with double entries and manual account reconciliation. Our invoice and accounting system allows for full QuickBooks integration. It’s easier accounting for electricians.
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Payment Processing

Now more than ever, customers are used to making fast and easy payments. Payment processing through Electricians.AI is safe, secure, and simple. Send payment links and process payments anywhere.
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Dashboard & Reporting

Always know what’s happening with every part of your electrical business. Your dashboard, complete with real-time reporting, makes it easy to see it all so you can manage it all.


Set prices for your services, equipment, and parts to make estimates and invoicing streamlined and simple. The Electricians.AI pricebook management system lays it all out for you!
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Tasks Manager

Tackle your to-do list and manage tasks with less fuss. The task management system was built with electricians in mind, streamlining tasks, and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks again.
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