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Our best-in-class websites integrate with all aspects of our system to grow your business.

  • Curated Designs

    Specifically for electricians.

    Stunning and carefully curated, your brand-new website design and SEO content are tested and proven to convert. Just add your branding (colors, logos, etc.) and your new site will be ready in as little as 48 hours (really).

  • Text or Call

    Contact a business like it’s 2024.

    Texting is the easiest, most convenient way to connect with your customers. That’s why textable phone numbers will automatically be a part of your new website.

  • Scorpion Connect

    Serve your customers better.

    Let customers contact your electrical business however they want to. With Scorpion Connect, customers can text, call, schedule, or email all on your website!

  • Online Scheduling

    Ready, set, book!

    Our online appointment system makes it so easy for your customers to book a service. Just add your tech’s availability, and let our system work its magic.

  • Website Management

    Keep your website fresh & exciting.

    Our proprietary technology lets you update your website on your terms. We give you more control so you don’t have to rely (or wait) on anyone when it comes to your website.

  • Modern website

    Your website will come with the latest features every electrical contractor needs to convert: search engine optimization, online scheduling, and trackable phone numbers—all while being faster than your old site.

  • Better leads Win over more customers by standing out against the crowd. Our electrician websites make it easy and convenient for customers to contact you or book online!
  • More revenue Your website should act as a revenue-generator. Let your website establish credibility and charm your customers into choosing you again and again.

Have questions? Don't worry, there aren’t any gotchas.

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  • Why do I need a new website?

    Because we take growing your business seriously. Turning the old family van into a high-performance machine requires more than a few updates and customizations. We need to rebuild your site from the ground up using a framework that’s tested and proven to drive revenue.

    Your brand-new site is designed to contain a high-performance engine humming under the hood: ​​the Electricians.AI system. Your site will integrate seamlessly with your Payments Suite, Communications Suite, Operations Suite, and more, becoming the centerpiece of a profit-generation machine.

    But don’t worry—the site will still be unmistakably yours. All branding, including your logo and colors, will be implemented into your new site’s design.

  • What happens to my old site?

    Your current site will be 100% backed up and provided to you, so you’ll always have access to your old website files. If you need to cancel suddenly or need access to your old website for any reason, the old site will be ready for you at a moment’s notice.

  • Do I need a domain?

    Yep! You’ll need a domain to get started. If you don’t have a domain, you can purchase one on sites like GoDaddy or Bluehost.
  • What’s the launch process like?

    Once your new site is ready, we’ll reveal the site with you and connect it to your domain. We can change the DNS records for you if you provide the login information, or we can send instructions so you can do it yourself. If you have an existing site attached to your domain, we’ll back up those site files so you’ll always have access to them.

We solved websites for electricians.

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Get a website that has it all: looks, brains, and power. Plus, it’s free, easy to set up, painless to use, and was designed just for electrical businesses like yours.


We’ve taken the mystery out of online ranking by building a system that sees opportunities and seizes them for you. With real-time reports, you’ll always know how your site is performing.

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Spend less with better results. Our system was created to give electricians more advertising power without any extra work or expense. Target the jobs you want, when you want, where you want.

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Social Media

Social media gives you the opportunity to build loyalty and trust with existing customers and new ones as well. Our system lets you control all of your social media channels easily and in one place!
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Email Marketing

It’s simple to create and manage email campaigns with our system. You can also get detailed insights into campaign performance, leading to better results and even less time wasted.
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