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Use social media’s influence to supercharge your electrical business.

  • Integrated Posting

    Put yourself out there.

    Post across multiple social media platforms at once to get your electrical business in front of more customers, encourage feedback, and build loyalty. It’s fast and so easy.

  • Customer Communication

    Stay attuned to customers’ needs.

    Create, post, and manage social media campaigns that go further than traditional ads. Engage your audience and deliver more meaningful, personalized communication to your customers.

  • Performance Points

    Track your reputation & reviews.

    See how social media campaigns are performing, keep a close eye on comments and responses, and always know what’s happening – with key performance data all in one place.

  • Improved visibility Social media is a unique, cost-effective way to build your electrical company’s online presence. Advertise your way, across social media accounts, all in one place.
  • Better service Being active on social media means you can respond to customer reviews or questions faster, or even anticipate customers’ needs. Build lasting relationships with better customer service.
  • More loyalty For electricians, social media goes beyond funny memes. It establishes loyalty and trust with customers – which adds up to more bookings and more money in your pocket.

We solved social media for electricians.

Learn how to get more even more value & time back from your business.


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Social Media

Social media gives you the opportunity to build loyalty and trust with existing customers and new ones as well. Our system lets you control all of your social media channels easily and in one place!

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It’s simple to create and manage email campaigns with our system. You can also get detailed insights into campaign performance, leading to better results and even less time wasted.
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