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Business is all  about connection.

Generating new business requires giving your customers as many ways as possible to contact you. That’s what Scorpion Connect provides.

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Connect with your customers via website, phone, text, email, online scheduling, and more. See every interaction in your Communications dashboard.

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Connect on Multiple Levels

Make it easy for customers to ask questions or request service.

  • Text

    Textable call tracking numbers.

    Scorpion Connect makes your call tracking number textable. Let your customers reach you via the most convenient form of communication. 

  • Call

    Automatic call tracking and recording.

    Customers receive a unique call tracking number that helps you keep track of their calls. Recordings live in the Activity Feed, where you can review them anytime.

  • Schedule

    Automatic and convenient job scheduling.

    Some customers just want to schedule service directly with no calling or texting. Scorpion Connect lets them do exactly that while assigning the job to an available technician.

  • Email

    The most flexible messaging medium.

    Let customers email you from any page on your site. All emails go directly to your Unified Inbox in the Communications Suite.

  • Search

    Help customers find what they need.

    If your customers aren’t ready to schedule service or send a text yet, then Scorpion Connect makes it easier for them to find what they need on your site.

  • More leads Studies show customers would rather contact a company that allows them to text instead of call. Scorpion Connect lets you cast a wider net, maximizing the number of people who’ll reach out to you.
  • Better performance Most businesses have a site that’s more like a brochure. Scorpion Connect turns your site into your best salesperson by making every page an opportunity to generate a call, text, email, or schedule service.
  • Easier use Adding new channels to your communication workflow doesn’t add any extra effort or complexity. No matter what your customers send your way, it all lands in your Activity Feed for easy review.

We solved communication for electricians.

Learn how to get more even more value & time back from your business.

Unified Inbox

Unified Inbox combines each customer's phone calls, text messages, emails, and website actions into a single Activity Feed, which becomes a living and comprehensive customer history.
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Text or Email

Reply to your customers in whatever way they prefer. All texts are sent via your call tracking system, keeping everything in your records.
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Call Tracking & Recording

The Communications Suite lets you track and record every customer call via the Activity Feed. Use recordings for training, improving client service, and increasing retention.
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Scorpion Connect

Use a simple online tool to make it easy for site visitors to connect with you however they prefer: texting, calling, or email. All responses will feed directly to your Unified Inbox.

Scorpion Scheduler

Some customers want to skip a call or message altogether and schedule service. Our scheduling tool makes it easy for customers to send appointment requests to your Unified Inbox.
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Scorpion App

Build client relationships on the go. With the Scorpion App, you’ll have the full functionality of the Communication Suite wherever you are, allowing you maximum flexibility.
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Electricians love us because their customers love them.

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