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If you are interested in creating a best-in-class company which can provide financial security for you and your family in perpetuity, you need to attend this interactive session offered by Michael Sauer, Scorpion's Certified Master Business Coach. Prior to this session, please spend the time to complete this complementary 10-minute assessment and bring your results with you as they will be used during this session to help you create a strategic business plan to immediately begin improving the value of your business. Access your complimentary assessment here:

  • Where: Louisville Convention Center
  • When: Oct 6, 2022 at 8:30 am - 9:30 am

Meet Michael

Master Business Coach for Electricians.AI

Michael Sauer, Master Business Coach for Electricians.AI, has a personal, hands-on understanding of electrical contractors’ needs. He started his career working for an electrician before attending college to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering and later became a patent attorney. Michael has since dedicated his life and career to becoming an expert in every aspect of a business so he can effectively consult its owner to achieve their goals as quickly as possible. Today, Michael draws upon over 15 years of experience to consult with business owners, using industry best practices and cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency, increase average job ticket values, raise ROI, and 2-7x business valuation.