Use Your Online Reputation to Attract the Right Technicians

As a business owner, you know that people matter. Your team matters. And in this field, you need the right technicians to deliver the level of service that leads to more referrals, more growth, and more value. You also need to be able to grow your team to take on additional work and bigger jobs.

This probably seems pretty obvious, but there’s a bit more to it.

How can you find the right technicians? Your online reputation will play an important part in all of this.

There has been a distinct shift in the relationship between prospective employees and companies that are looking for qualified workers. In the past, there were more employees than available jobs. Employers didn’t have to do much to attract new team members; they had their pick of the litter when it came to hiring.

Not anymore. The unemployment rate in the United States has reached record lows, leaving companies scrambling to compete for top talent.

Today’s electrical companies must work harder to find the right technicians. Their reputations matter, and a lot of that comes from online sources: their websites, their reviews, and even their social media presences.

Competent technicians have always been valuable commodities, and some electrical businesses are now fighting to keep their team members. Prospective employees are being more selective when looking for work. They’re taking the time to read reviews and are considering the company’s online reputation, and for good reason.

An electrical company with a strong reputation will be known for having better job security, career opportunities, and quality of work. After all, if a skilled contractor can get a job at a company with a better reputation, don’t you think they’ll take it? Everyone wants to work for the best.

The Importance of Online Reviews & Reputation

Now more than ever, people turn to the internet before making important decisions. This goes for consumers looking for services or products and for prospective employees. A big part of this is checking out online reviews.

If you were looking for a new restaurant to try, would you read reviews to see whether it’s good and what to order? If you were buying new work boots, would you want to check out what past customers said about wear and tear, comfort, and other factors? These reviews would most likely sway your decision one way or another.

The same applies to job applicants. How your electrical company appears online is going to influence a potential technician’s opinion of you and may even influence their decision to apply for a job, interview, or accept a position within your business.

How you appear online could even have a negative impact on what you end up paying your technicians. One study that found a bad reputation can cost a company at least 10% more per hire.

According to another study, 57% of candidates avoid companies with negative online reviews.

A lack of reviews can be harmful as well because you’ll lose that edge over competitors who want the top technicians just like you do.